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Any orders for bodykit N’Amuse by Namura Hyan, pricing is listed below.

See body kit photo gallery : Nissan Grand Livina (Black) and Nissan Grand Livina (Gold)

For FULL KIT order (whole package) : Rp 5.500.000,-
Retail pricing (for Non NLC) :
- Front Add-on: N’Amuse : Rp 1.250.000,-
- Side Skirt: N’Amuse: Rp 1.250.000,-
- Rear Add-on: N’Amuse : Rp 1.250.000,-
- Eye Lid: N’Amuse : Rp 350.000,-
- Gril: N’Amuse : Rp 900.000,-
- Roof Spoiler: N’Amuse : Rp 1.000.000,-
- Rear Lamp Lid: N’Amuse : Rp 350.000,-

*Price included painting and installation



Body Tuner :

We thank all friends’ support for Nissan Livina XR-R could be finished ontime and awarded “THE BEST NISSAN” on Accelera Final Battle Auto Contest 12-14 December 2008.

See Photo Gallery : MaxSense Domination

*Body Kit MaxSense Full Kit (Front Bumper, Side Skirt, Rear Bumper, Engine Hood, Grill, Roof Spoiler, Air Scoop): Rp 9.000.000,- (Bonus Tail Pipe, EyeLid n Rear Lamp Lid)

Separated Item:
- Front Bumper ( Rp 2.500.000,-)
- Side Skirt ( Rp 1.500.000,-)
- Rear Bumper( Rp 2.500.000,-)
- Engine Hood (Rp 2.500.000,-)
- Grill ( Rp 1.000.000,-)
- Roof Spoiler ( Rp 1.500.000,-)
- Air Scoop ( Rp 500.000,-)
- Tail Pipe (available in 3 models) ( Rp 500.000,-)


This iron carbon net is very useful to protect air contioner evaporator from small stones, small objects, and sands which can fly in and leak the evaporator.

Advantage of this design :
- Smaller holes to keep the inside part save from small objects and look neater
- Color choices available : Black and Silver

Price : Rp 200.000,-


Very Special Price Promotion!!
For Livina XR and X-Gear (2 rows)

Re-trim included : Seat Cover + Door Trim + Floor Carpet

Basic Semi leather : Rp 1.500.000,-
Mb – Tech: Rp 1.600.000,-
Camaro/Murano : Rp 1.700.000,-

For Grand Livina and Ultimate (3 rows)

Re-trim included : Seat Cover + Door Trim + Floor Carpet

Basic Semi leather : Rp 1.750.000,-
Mb – Tech: Rp 1.850.000,-
Camaro/Murano : Rp 1.950.000,-

*Note: We provide pick up and delivery service for your car seat. You are free to ask for any cover designs : folded (kerutan), perforated (bolong2), combination, all for the same price.
Please book before : call 0815-13302361.


For user of Nissan Grand Livina, Livina XR, and X-Gear who might need place to put goods in car interior, you can now apply Dashboard Drawer to replace unused airbag cover. Fiber material, color matched dashboard, plug and use by your self (no need to go to car workshop).

Price: Rp 315.000,-


Want your Livina to look shorter but still comfortable? Simply replace the standard per with Sport kit Tanabe Sustec NF210. Benefit : car look shorter and stable, passengers feel comfortable inside and capable to bring full capacity, and save for car supports (special design by research in Japan). Available for Grand Livina, Livina XR and X-Gear.

Application using big velg :

The NF210 coil spring features a tasteful drop, and produces the best overall ride quality and comfort for a performance lowering spring. The lowered stance of the NF210 gives the car an elegant pose, while the spring rates, which are only slightly raised (up to 5% over stock) retain factory ride quality settings.

This coil spring is extremely popular with luxury tuned vehicles, as well as those with larger diameter wheels that want to eliminate fender gap, but maintain excellent driveability while reducing the risk of damage to wheels that is associated with stiffer suspensions.

Comfort especially important on daily driven vehicles, and their passengers. The NF210 provides the best driving experience for all types of roads.

For those who demand the best comfort from a lowering spring.
For More Detail : Klik here for the official website Tanabe

Price: Rp 3.000.000,-

*Installation: Plus Rp 100.000,-

*This item temporarily SOLD OUT, new inventory will be available on Februari 2009. Book now to secure your order.


New items : 2 tipes, brand : “Phillips” Licensed

1. 2 sensor spots n 1 display indicator (put on the dashboard), indicator : sound and distance viewable in the monitor. The closer the distance, the louder the sound.
Price : Rp 500.000,- (product only), Rp.550.000,- (included installation)

2. 4 sensor spots n 1 display indicator (indicator : center mirror), similar with the 2 sensor spots, but the indicator is placed inside center mirror. Original mirror with this parking sensor mirror.
Price : Rp 650.000,- (product only), Rp.700.000,- (included installation)


Short Antenna, look cute and you can keep the long standard Livina antenna save from break, just keep it in your home. Strong radio signal acceptance. Guarantee! =)

Price: Rp 75.000,-


Strut bar OEM Nissan Livina, limited stocks!! Book now to secure your order!

See also: Strut bar for all Nissan Livina

Price: Rp 1.600.000,-


The only one Japan made Strut Bar, very rigid on turning very fast.

The strut tower bar is arguably one of the least expensive upgrades that can provide a very high degree of benefit that is felt immediately after installing. Often one of the first modifications performed on a vehicle, the strut tower brace improves handling and stability of a vehicle.

The Sustec Tower Bar has been very popular due to its low price and high functionality. By connecting the strut towers, and creating a balance, the shocks are prevented from independently moving and causing small changes in suspension geometry.

For More Detail : click the official website Tanabe

Book now to secure your order!

Price: Rp 1.600.000,-


Limited production. Shock cover is used to protect shock support from water (rain or car wash), prevent them to stay and produce rust.

Price : Rp 125.000 (2pcs)

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  1. hallo guy, can u pse convert with Ringgit Malaysia

    *Body Kit MaxSense Full Kit (Front Bumper, Side Skirt, Rear Bumper, Engine Hood, Grill, Roof Spoiler, Air Scoop): Rp 9.000.000,- (Bonus Tail Pipe, EyeLid n Rear Lamp Lid)

    Separated Item:
    - Front Bumper ( Rp 2.500.000,-)
    - Side Skirt ( Rp 1.500.000,-)
    - Rear Bumper( Rp 2.500.000,-)
    - Engine Hood (Rp 2.500.000,-)
    - Grill ( Rp 1.000.000,-)
    - Roof Spoiler ( Rp 1.500.000,-)
    - Air Scoop ( Rp 500.000,-)
    - Tail Pipe (available in 3 models) ( Rp 500.000,-)

  2. adakah untuk penutp kap mesin dengan karbon look

  3. bisa kirim ke malang gak??
    saya ingin bumper net nya..

  4. Boss Namura….klo Tutup SHocknya beli 2 pasang dikirim k sby brapa bro? ada diskon g? tq yha….
    ditunggu emailny

  5. BUMPER NET bisa di pasang di X-Gear ngak ???

  6. Hi,Mau tanya berapa harga SHORT ANTENNA plus shipping to malaysia ( Melaka ) …Thank’s.


  7. Boz, stock masih ada ga .. ?
    - Short Antenna black ?
    - Shock Cover ?
    - Bumper Net black ?

    Total + ongkir sampe bekasi brp ?
    and seat cover bisa pasang di rumah ?


  8. yudia: halo bos, stock masih ada tapi shock cover sudah habis
    utk price nya

    - short antena black Rp 75.000
    - Bumper net black Rp 200.000
    - seat cover (hanya sarung ya bos bukan permanen) Rp 1,2jt utk 3 baris..

    ongkir bekasi Rp 10.000

    kalo minat bisa trans ke rek bca 419.12555.39 an Willy Cahyadi. H stelah itu konfirmasi ke 99695919 (Jeffry)


  9. Erwin: Sorry, we can’t ship to malaysia right now.. but maybe in the future, we will ship some livina parts to malaysia, the location might be @ sunway area.. thanks..

  10. Bos, strutbar oem grand livina dan tutup shock masih ada? tambah ongkir ke jonggol, cileungsi jadi berapa? harga iloc yak, heheheh. Thank

  11. bos, Glove box untuk GL tapi yg ada tutupnya ada? berapa harga? dan ongkos kirim ke semarang.

  12. [...] Ex-W ork Cileungsi to PLN’s storage area Cibitung (West Java) Transported with 8 axle cometto …NAMURA HYAN Livina AccessoriesAny orders for bodykit N’Amuse by Namura Hyan, pricing is listed below. … tambah ongkir ke [...]

  13. cileungsi: yes bos? :D

  14. bos , short antena ama shock cover masih ada? berapa harga plus ongkos kirim ke paiton,probolinggo jatim.

  15. bos tanya harga glove box+tutup sama tutup shock sama bumper net. bisa sekalian pasang gak? email ya. thx

  16. Boss
    Kl mo beli
    Bumper Net, Dashboard Drawer sama Short Antena
    berapa Boss? LOkasi di Bali
    tolong dijawab ya Boss

  17. Boss,
    Strut Bar Tanabe msh ada stock?
    Harga masih sama atau ada perubahan?
    Pls Ongkir ke Bali jadi berapa?
    Trims, tlg balasannya.

  18. Boz, glove box en tutup shock msh ada stock?
    Gmn cara pasang glove boxnya?
    Ongkos kirim sby brp ya?

  19. Boz, Short Antena Black, Shock Cover, Bumper Net Black masih ada stock ? Sampe Bekasi brp ?

  20. broo.. pesen shock cover 1 pasang (2 biji) kirim ke sby…

    kena brp totalnya??


  21. bro,pesen shock cover 1 pasang kirim ke sby??

    total kena brp??


  22. Boss Shock Cover nya ada lagi gak ?

  23. stock shock cover dan short antenna masih ada gak ya?
    Klo ada, saya pesan ya..

    Terima Kasih

  24. Bos aq mau beli bemper net dan antena dikirim di SURABAYA
    Tp cara pembayarannya gmn dan kontak personnya no HPnya berapa????????????

  25. Oke trims, tunggu trans dari saya.
    Dan klo ngirim barangnya di alamatkan ke : Jl. Jenggolo 1 Perumda Blok. G No. 1 Sidoarjo.
    Barang ready stock kan bos?????????????

  26. BUMPER NET buat GL diamond silver bagus nya warna apa ? Kirim sampe batam brapa ?

  27. Bos ..tertarik utk beli bumper net , bagaimana caranya dan bisa sekalian kirim khan (plus ongk kirim) ..Kalau tidak bisa posisi bengkel ada di mana biar saya minta rekan saya ke tempat Bos…. need reply bos..

  28. boz mau tanya short antena masih ada ga…ane minat neh kirim ke bogor total berapa

  29. Sy mau beli short antenna, pengaplikasianny bisa dilakukan sendiri ga y?
    Alamat sy di jakarta utara..

  30. mau beli:
    1. bumper net
    2. short antenna
    3. shock cover
    + ongkir ke Cimahi berapa?

  31. Bos..grill Implus nya mudah di pasang ga? Brp duit? Lokasi ane di palembang… Mohon info nya…Trims

  32. Bos..grill Implus nya mudah di pasang ga? Brp duit? Lokasi ane di palembang… Mohon info nya… Email ke ane yah>>Trims

  33. Saya minat dengan short antena Livina, bagaimana proses pemesanan & berapa ongkir daerah Karet, Setiabudi Jaksel?


  34. boz ane minat shock cover dunk, kirim lagi ke bogor berapa

  35. pak, saya tertarik bumper netnya, itu pasangnya gimana ya? dilem kah? ato mungkin ada bolongan untuk bautnya?

    karena saya rencana pasang D.I.Y , thanks

  36. bos,, mau tanya.. tutup shock masih ada gak? kalo kirim ke sby kena brapa sama ognkir nya yah..

  37. [...] NAMURA HYAN » Livina Accessories – view page – cached Any orders for bodykit N’Amuse by Namura Hyan, pricing is listed below. [...]

  38. Mo pesan Short Antena dan Shock Cover, total berapa dengan ongkos kirim, saya di jatibening,
    tolong confirm ya
    klu ga keberatan ke 021-70709874

  39. pak, mau pesan shock cover kirim ke pulomas jaktim kena berapa? trims yah

  40. boss,shock cover ma short antenna msh ada g stocknya,??? klo ada replay ke email saya y,saya berminat ni,……tq

  41. gan..
    stutbar oem livina sm tutup sok masih ad gak ?
    minat nih

  42. boss., strutbar OEM itu masih ad gak,trus tutup shock jg ,sh ad gak stokny ?
    saya di bndar lampung..
    klo ada sy minat boss…

  43. Is it possible to send ordered parts to Philippines if I decide to import them for retail? What would be the minimum purchase order to get a discount? Thanks!

  44. Om, saya minat bumper net warna hitam dan tutup mangkok shock sepasang.
    Apa masih ada stok ?


  45. Livina MaxSense boleh pos ke Malaysia?

  46. Saya tertarik dengan shock cover. apakah masih ada barang? berapa total kirim ke kota semarang?

  47. Bos CJ, saya ada order net…via forum, tolong di check dan di confirm…


  48. Gan….Grill impulsnya msh ngga??brp Netnya??minat nih

    NLC 1629

  49. Gan, short antene grand livina nya minta nih..
    Harga dan norek email ya?

  50. Bos totalin dong Biumper net + covers shock ampe bandung. plus discount ya.

  51. Grill bemper warna silver ada ? Mohon photonya kirim ke email dan harga dikirim ke depok.


  52. Bos,
    Grillle Bumpernya apa bisa dipasang dari dalam ?
    Kalau short antenna and Cover shock apa masih available ? kalau franco Bandung jadi berapa bos ?


  53. Berapa short antenna sampai ke Sangatta?

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    lebih lanjut di Whey Protein Dangers

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  57. Strutbar oem nissan GL brp sama pasang? Thanks

  58. Bos strut bar OEM Livina XR msh ada stok g, diharga brp skrg bos? Thanks.

  59. Order please:
    1. Shock Cover
    2. Bumper net warna hitam
    3. JFC Air Filter
    Untuk GL 1.5
    Tolong email y om, hope your reply asap

  60. Om, u/ HID Visional, di gambar GL hitam plat bogor (F) keren dan lampu ga nerangin reflector. Berapaan harganya? terus hasil cahaya gmn?

  61. Bos, mo pasang di tempat bs ga? Bumper net warna silver ama cover shock. Email-in no hp. Asap

  62. tlg info utk “short antenna” dan shock cover” dong gimana cara pesannya, aku butuh ya

  63. Bro, mau beli bumper net..
    Boleh post ke Malaysia?
    Rp 200.000 dalam RM berapa ya?

  64. Minat short antena buat grand livina, kalau mau pesan bagaimana?

  65. Om, minat short antena, shock cover dan bumper net. Pesan bagimana + onkir ke Paiton – Probolinggo 67291. Tx

  66. Pak, bumper net nya bisa dipasang di New Grand Livina?
    klu bisa mau order bumper net warna hitam dan antena

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